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Apologies and a brand new book!

Ok, I admit it, I’ve been MIA for quite awhile now. I could try to explain why and tell you everything that happened, but it is probably more believable and more interesting if I just tell you I was abducted by aliens, had really weird anal tests ran on me and then was dumped naked in a nearby field where local farmers came upon me. It may not exactly be the truth, but hey, it is an entertaining story.

Anyhow, I have finally made my way back to the land of the living, so I wanted to say hello to all my blog readers and thank you for sticking with me even though I fell off the face of the planet for many months. On the positive side, I did release a new romance/erotica book during the time that I was gone. So for those of you who liked my first ebook, “Sexy Little Bites”, I would invite you to try out my new collection, “Erotic Dreams & Fantasies”.

If you haven’t read any of my books, this is a great time to try them out since both ebooks are only $.99 per download! “Sexy Little Bites” is available both for Kindle on Amazon and for Nook on Barnes & Noble. “Erotic Dreams & Fantasies” is currently only available for Kindle, but I will definitely let everyone know if it makes its way to Nook.

I will try to post some more cool, sexy subject posts here soon, but just wanted to drop by today to let you all know I am back from outer space 🙂


Which animals are the sexiest…and why?

If you read a lot of romance or erotica like I do, then you start to notice that certain animals just show up again and again, whether it is in the form of pets, metaphors, similes, shapeshifters or some other kind of fantasy creature.  This got me thinking, what exactly is so sexy about these particular animals?  Well, I thought about it and here are the conclusions I came to about the typical animals you see related to sex:

Cats (domestic) – I think part of the reason pet cats feature predominently in erotic literature is simply because cats are the pet of choice among writers.  A quick look through literary history, ancient or recent, will show a host of word buffs who adore felines.  Besides that fact, cats are sexy of their own accord.  They are stubborn, independent, self-assured, graceful and full of attitude.  Cats are also full of feminine wiles, even their purring and meowing reflect their manipulative methods of getting what they want from us.  As women, we often use similar tactics to encourage men to fulfill our deepest desires.

Cats (big & wild) – Of course the wild aspect is a big part of the draw when it comes to big cats.  Where domestic cats may remind us more of the feminine, wild cats tend to portray more masculine traits.  Big cats are the kings of their domains, protective of their own family, deadly to any threat that comes along.  They run the place and they aren’t afraid to let everyone know it.  Their physical strength and stamina rival the most athletic of creatures, yet they still manage to retain the grace and simple majesty of their smaller feline cousins.

Wolves – Again, the wild factor pops up here.  Wolves possess the same qualities we love about dogs, but retain the ferocity that makes them predators.  Intensely loyal to their pack, wolves are dependable, brave and protective of their entire group.  Of course, lone wolves have a sexiness all their own, stemming from their rebellious, mysterious nature.

Rabbits – Ok, you might laugh at this one, but I have recently read several good erotica novels that featured bunnies.  What would be the sex appeal here?  Well, what do you think of when you think of rabbits?  Rapid procreation right?  I think that just about says it all.

Currently reading…

I always like to know what others are reading, in fact, when I go to the doctor’s office I often sneak peeks at the titles on the books the other patients are reading.  Unfortunately, the popularity of the Nook and Kindle are making it harder to spy on people’s reading habits, but I’m not shy about sharing my interests, so below are some books I’m either currently reading or have shortlisted on my to-be-read pile.

If you have read any of these books, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of them!  Also, do you have any great romance/erotica books you would suggest I add to my reading list?

“Bedtime Stories for Lovers” by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd





“British Bad Boys”





“Ravish” by Cathy Yardley





“If You Give a Girl a Viscount” by Kieran Kramer.

Welcome to my blog!

I will keep this post short, but I just want to welcome everyone to my brand new blog!  You can check out the “About Me” page for more information about me, but please think about taking a look at my new romantic erotica ebook, “Sexy Little Bites: Short Stories to Excite”, which is currently available on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble for only $.99.  I am also looking for willing folks to read and review “Sexy Little Bites”, so if you are interested, please leave a comment on this post or visit me on Facebook or Twitter.