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Stuck for your next story idea?

As probably all writers know, occasionally when you are plotting a new story or novel, you will get stuck.  Whether it’s the perfect character name, plot points or the words themselves that elude you, perhaps you just need a change of pace or a different perspective on things.

That is why as a writer it is so important to have other hobbies and activities to turn to when you need a break.  Some writers make the mistake of focusing exclusively on their writing, allowing all of their other interests to dwindle away.  Unfortunately, this kind of single-minded obsession can actually have a detrimental effect on your creativity.

So what kind of things can you do to recharge your batteries and give your muse the freedom to speak to you again?  Any kind of activity can be helpful if you enjoy it, but here are a few that I have found especially helpful to me, perhaps they can help you too!

  • Reading.  This one is a no-brainer.  Every writer needs to read broadly and frequently to be good at their job anyway.  However, when you are looking to distract yourself from your current writing block, perhaps you should consider looking to books entirely different from what you are writing.  For instance, if you are writing a romance story, sit down and enjoy a good horror story, children’s book, memoir or other non-fiction subject that interests you.  Thinking outside of  the “genre box” may be just what you need!
  • Going for a walk or exercising.  There is just something about physical activity that really clears the mind and refreshes us to return to the task at hand with renewed enthusiasm.  It doesn’t necessarily need to feel like a workout either.  Often I play Wii dance games or go roller skating because I really enjoy it.  Not only does it help my writing, but it keeps me in good shape as well!
  • Grab your partner and go have some wild, dirty sex.  If no partner is available, pleasure yourself.  I know it may sound funny, but having a few great orgasms can really enhance your creativity!  It’s no surprise this works for erotica/romance writers, but this has also helped me in other genres.
  • Be a kid again.  Pick up a coloring book and crayons.  Do a jigsaw puzzle.  Watch some cartoons.  Play with your kids.  Read some comic books.  Just do something that gets you in touch with your inner child.
  • Indulge your artistic side.  Draw, paint, sculpt, make jewelry, knit, etc.  We all have some kind of artistic talent, so use it!  Even if you are convinced you are hopefully inept with artistic stuff, you can visit the local art museum or gallery and appreciate the amazing creativity of others.  The same could be said of other art forms like music, poetry, drama, dance and cooking/baking.  You might be surprised how focusing on another area of creation will inspire new heights in your writing.

Well, I guess that is enough for tonight.  Do you have any special activities that really help you with writer’s block?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment below and share your ideas with us!


Which animals are the sexiest…and why?

If you read a lot of romance or erotica like I do, then you start to notice that certain animals just show up again and again, whether it is in the form of pets, metaphors, similes, shapeshifters or some other kind of fantasy creature.  This got me thinking, what exactly is so sexy about these particular animals?  Well, I thought about it and here are the conclusions I came to about the typical animals you see related to sex:

Cats (domestic) – I think part of the reason pet cats feature predominently in erotic literature is simply because cats are the pet of choice among writers.  A quick look through literary history, ancient or recent, will show a host of word buffs who adore felines.  Besides that fact, cats are sexy of their own accord.  They are stubborn, independent, self-assured, graceful and full of attitude.  Cats are also full of feminine wiles, even their purring and meowing reflect their manipulative methods of getting what they want from us.  As women, we often use similar tactics to encourage men to fulfill our deepest desires.

Cats (big & wild) – Of course the wild aspect is a big part of the draw when it comes to big cats.  Where domestic cats may remind us more of the feminine, wild cats tend to portray more masculine traits.  Big cats are the kings of their domains, protective of their own family, deadly to any threat that comes along.  They run the place and they aren’t afraid to let everyone know it.  Their physical strength and stamina rival the most athletic of creatures, yet they still manage to retain the grace and simple majesty of their smaller feline cousins.

Wolves – Again, the wild factor pops up here.  Wolves possess the same qualities we love about dogs, but retain the ferocity that makes them predators.  Intensely loyal to their pack, wolves are dependable, brave and protective of their entire group.  Of course, lone wolves have a sexiness all their own, stemming from their rebellious, mysterious nature.

Rabbits – Ok, you might laugh at this one, but I have recently read several good erotica novels that featured bunnies.  What would be the sex appeal here?  Well, what do you think of when you think of rabbits?  Rapid procreation right?  I think that just about says it all.

Got my first real Kindle!!!

This week I received my first real ereader in the mail!  I have read ebooks on the Kindle app on my laptop and read many ebooks in PDF format, but it just isn’t the same as having an actual ereader.  I have been obsessed the last few days with my new gadget, trying to figure out exactly what it can and can’t do.  I should probably admit up front that I don’t have the fancy new Kindle Fire.  I figured it would be easier (and cheaper) to start out with the regular model and see if I even like it.  So far, here are my thoughts on the Kindle:

*I love being able to change the font style, size and other things like that.  I am one of those people who will not read a book if the print is too tiny or annoying.  For that reason, I think the Kindle will be great for reading some books I might have passed up otherwise.

*I hate the fact that I can’t read the Kindle in the bathtub…at least not safely that I can figure.  I do ALOT of reading in the bathtub, probably because my preferred method of relaxing includes surrounding myself in a big pile of bubbles.

*I like the free games that you can download on the Kindle…maybe a little too much.  I find myself wasting time that I should spend writing, playing games like Thread Words, Jigsaw Words and Grid Detective.

*Although they did a good job of making the Kindle thin, small and fairly light, it still doesn’t feel as good between my fingers as a new paperback novel.

*The selection of free or cheap books on Amazon is really pretty good, you only have to know where to look and give authors a chance, even if you have never heard of them.  The quality of indie books seems to be improving, and you can often tell by using the “Look inside this book” feature whether an author has written a quality book or not.

*An electronic device just isn’t as comfy to curl up with.  Maybe in time I will get used to it, but so far I do miss the smell, feel and look of a classic book.  In no way have I given up on my Kindle, I really do like it, but in some ways I am just an old-fashioned girl at heart.

What about you?  Would love to hear what others think of the ebook revolution.

Romance novels – make them into movies!

Perhaps it is just me, but I have often wondered why they don’t turn more romantic novels into movies.  The romance novel market is a thriving one, a look around Amazon or any local bookstore should show you that.  Even when you browse the shelves at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store, you tend to see more romantic paperbacks than any other genre.

However, unless you count the Nicholas Sparks or Danielle Steel books that have been turned into movies, it seems like very few adult romance novels, even those off the bestsellers list ever get a movie contract.  I guess you could assume that maybe moviemakers figure they would be a hard sell, although that seems pretty odd, since they do make quite a few chick-lit books into movies…and surely those would have a similar demographic.

So what do you think?  Why do they not turn many romance novels into films?  Would you be willing to shell out the money to see some of your favorite romance novel characters heating up the big screen?  I know I would love to see some of these movies made, but perhaps I am in the minority.  If you have an opinion on the matter, please feel free to leave a comment below!


Currently reading…

I always like to know what others are reading, in fact, when I go to the doctor’s office I often sneak peeks at the titles on the books the other patients are reading.  Unfortunately, the popularity of the Nook and Kindle are making it harder to spy on people’s reading habits, but I’m not shy about sharing my interests, so below are some books I’m either currently reading or have shortlisted on my to-be-read pile.

If you have read any of these books, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of them!  Also, do you have any great romance/erotica books you would suggest I add to my reading list?

“Bedtime Stories for Lovers” by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd





“British Bad Boys”





“Ravish” by Cathy Yardley





“If You Give a Girl a Viscount” by Kieran Kramer.

Welcome to my blog!

I will keep this post short, but I just want to welcome everyone to my brand new blog!  You can check out the “About Me” page for more information about me, but please think about taking a look at my new romantic erotica ebook, “Sexy Little Bites: Short Stories to Excite”, which is currently available on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble for only $.99.  I am also looking for willing folks to read and review “Sexy Little Bites”, so if you are interested, please leave a comment on this post or visit me on Facebook or Twitter.