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Should children be allowed to read books with sex in them?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about when might be a good age to allow your children to start reading romance novels.  My son who is 9 wants to read the Twilight series because he really likes the movies.  Some people have freaked out when I told them he wanted to read the books because there are a couple of sex scenes in the 4th book.

Debating about this matter has had me reflecting on my own childhood.  Personally, I started reading romance novels around the time I turned 12.  I found a Harlequin romance novel for a quarter at a garage sale and bought it.  After reading the sex scenes, I was hooked.  For a curious kid who was almost a teenager, these books appealed to my budding sexual curiosity.  My friends often secretly borrowed my stash of romance books, but always had to keep them hidden from their parents who would ground them if they found them reading such “filth”.  One friend even hid the naughty books I lent her under the collection of age-appropriate books her parents were trying to force her to read.  I always found that a bit ironic.

In my house sex was never a taboo subject.  When I was around 5 or 6 my mom told me all about sex, even showing me a pop-up book filled with pictures of genitals and other reproductive organs.  I don’t think I will ever forget the cardboard penis that would pop up when I turned the first page.  For some reason it even fascinated me back then!  So when I started reading romance novels she didn’t mind at all.  In fact, she would even buy steamy ones for me for Christmas.

Did all this sexual freedom make me promiscuous?  Quite the opposite actually.  I didn’t engage in any sexual activity with a partner until I was 19.  I think having the freedom to express myself sexually actually made me want to hold off on having sex until I felt ready.  It wasn’t this huge forbidden thing that many parents make it, to me it was natural and good, but also something to be taken seriously, especially since sex can sometimes come with serious consequences such as unwanted pregnancies and nasty diseases.

So what do you think?  At what age should children be allowed to read books with sexual scenes in them?


Sesame Streetwalker

Ok, I may go to hell for writing this post, but my hubby and I were laying in bed the other night and I was complaining that I was cold (as usual).  I asked him to put my extra blanket on me, but instead he threw my big stuffed Elmo at me.  For some reason, that prompted me to ask “Do you think Elmo has a big penis?”  That simple question started us down a twisted train of thought, where we debated the pros and cons of having sexual relations with various Sesame Street characters.  Here are the conclusions we came to:

Elmo – since Elmo has been a preschooler for like 20 years or more, any kind of sexual relationship there would border on pedophilia.

Cookie Monster – he is cute, funny and sweet, but not sure I would want to chance having oral sex with Cookie Monster, the enthusiasm might be good, but I don’t think his technique would have any rhyme or reason.  Plus, he might get cookie crumbs all over me.

The Count – love the count, but he would just be too detail oriented during sex.  One thrust, two thrusts…

Big Bird – never really liked him anyway, he would annoy the crap out of me.

Snuffy – seriously?  That would be like doing an elephant!

Oscar the Grouch – I would worry that he might have some kind of weird infections from hanging out naked in a trash can.

Grover – Grover is adorable and I love him, but he would probably be acting like “Super Grover”, hanging off the ceiling fan and crashing into walls.  Not the best thing to put you into a romantic frame of mind.

Ernie – He would probably bring along his rubber ducky (or Bert).  Still not sure what their relationship actually is, but I’m not really into the whole menage thing in real life.

What about you?  Have a hankering for any of the Sesame Street puppets?  Who do you think would make the best lover?

Foreplay – where do you fall on the sexual spectrum?

Ok, today I’m going to talk about something a little naughty…foreplay.  How important is foreplay to a fulfilling sexual experience?  Are you the kind that likes to take the scenic route, or do you just want to get down to business?

I must admit that as a woman, I am probably unusual in this department, in fact my husband is more like the typical woman and I am more like the typical man.  My husband likes to take it nice and slow, involve all of the body and mind before reaching completion.  I can often be just the opposite.  When I am really in the mood and don’t need any revving up, I just want to get my freak on.  I want to tear off his clothes and mine, feel skin against skin and start bucking wildly until we are both worn out and ready to collapse.

I think sometimes this personality quirk shows in my writing and reading tastes as well.  I like blunt sexual scenes that are fast, hard and unrestrained.  I often have to force myself to slow it down a bit when I am writing a love scene, because I know that many readers want a good build-up.  I am happy to provide this, provided that I get to eventually turn things up and get a little wild.  Not that sex shouldn’t sometimes be sweet, gentle and slow, but my Scorpio nature just doesn’t seem to go for that as often as the harder stuff.

Sometimes I wonder if astrology is the cause behind my husband’s preferance as well.  As a Libra, he is the sign of balance, a proud fan of romance and about as easygoing as anyone you will ever meet.  I am a Scorpio and often the exact opposite.  I am passionate, easily carried away by my emotions, impatient and I prefer sex to be exciting and forceful.

Luckily, my husband and I try to meet each other halfway.  Sometimes I give him the slow ride he craves and other times I simply jump his bones and see how crazy I can make him go.  In the end, I think it all evens out.

What about you?  Are you a sightseer or a hit and run driver?